Janan plays music to cope with grief

KABUL (TOLOnews): Janan Mama, a resident of the Khwaja Omari district of Ghazni province, plays the flute to diminish the pain of losing his sons in past wars.
His two sons were members of the Afghan army of the former government and were killed in one day in their district.
Janan Mama told TOLOnews that he eases the sorrows of his heart by playing the flute.
“When the pain crushes me, I start playing the flute. Not only in tragic moments–I play in happy times as well,” said Janan Mama.
Janan Mama, 64, said he became interested in playing the flute from childhood, but now plays to cope with the heavy pain.
He hopes to see lasting peace across Afghanistan.
“I have no wish except peace and calmness in the nation. I wish a comfortable live for Muslims (Afghan nation) to breath comfortably,” said Janan Mama.
Meanwhile, the local officials of Ghazni province said that the government will assist all families who lost loved ones during the past wars.
“Families lost their members during the previous government and their orphans remained, the Islamic Emirate will pay them regularly like the families of martyrs,” said Mullah Hamidullah Nisar, head of the information and culture department.
Many of Afghan families lost members during the wars across the country and are facing serious economic challenges.