Iran’s protests and Western legacy

According to the media, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has attacked positions in northern Iraq held by Kurdish groups, as anti-government protests continue in Iran’s Kurdish-majority western regions and elsewhere. The Iranian elite troops hit three areas in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq with missiles and drones and claimed to inflict heavy damage on two Kurdish groups that Tehran considers to be terrorist organizations.

Iran’s political violence entered its third month, while months-long protests continued without any pause. The continued violence cost the lives of dozens of security personnel, while thousands of demonstrators had been arrested by the security forces and other thousands indicted for spreading violence by the authorities in connection with the ongoing riots across the country. The protests which started to get justice for a Kurdish girl Mahsa Amni had turned into a popular regime change movement in the country. Interestingly, the anti-Iran west is pleased over the violent proests agaisnt the Iranian government while US President Joe Biden openly vowed to liberate Iran from the brutal grip of the cleric regime.

After months long crack down and ruthless use of force agaisnt the protestors, Iranian government failed to cool down the situation and finally resorted to the resolution out of its borders and targeted Kurdish groups in Northern Iraq, in a hope that recipe might work to control the situation in the country. The global community including the United Nations, the US, the UK and other western nations condemned the cross-border attacks that violated Iraqi sovereignty and jeopardize the security of Iraq and the broader Middle East. In fact, violating the sanctity of the international border and sovereignty of other nation is a grave crime under the international law. However, this awkward tradition had been introduced by the United States and its allies in the name of preemptive defense and defensive invasion. The west seriously minded the use of its legacy by the other nations and termed it dangerous for the global peace. Afterall the west must accept and respect the security needs of other nations.