Iraqi court sentences another 2 Frenchmen to death over Daesh ties

MOSCOW (Sputnik): Two more French nationals have been sentenced to death by an Iraqi court for their ties to the Daesh terrorist organization, bringing the total number of French Daesh members who are set to be executed in Iraq to 11, Al-Sumaria broadcaster reported, citing a source familiar with the matter.

The other nine French citizens were reportedly convicted between May 26 and June 2. “An Iraqi court has issued a death sentence to two Frenchmen for joining the Islamic State” the source told the broadcaster.

One Tunisian national was also sentenced to death over the given period, the broadcaster added, citing the source. Under Iraqi law, these 12 individuals can appeal their sentences within 30 days. The foreigners are believed to be part of a group of around 280 suspected Daesh militants, including at least 11 French citizens, who were transferred from Syria to Iraq by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces a few months back, according to Human Rights Watch.

The rights group reported last week that at least two of the convicted French nationals had told the court that they had been tortured while in detention and coerced into confessing, with the judge showing little interest in verifying their claims.