JI to approach SC to ensure timely execution of general elections: Siraj

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) will not tolerate even a single day’s delay in the elections beyond the constitutional 90-day period required to organize the polls following the dissolution of assemblies, says JI Emir Sirajul Haq while announcing the party’s intention to approach the Supreme Court of Pakistan to ensure the timely execution of the national vote.

Speaking to the media after addressing a condolence reference for JI Bangladesh vice-emir Dilawar Hussain Saeedi at Mansoorah on Saturday, Haq emphasized the caretaker government’s foremost responsibility to collaborate closely with the Election Commission of Pakistan to ensure free and fair elections. Additionally, he urged the caretaker government to reverse the recent hikes in electricity tariff and petrol prices.

Haq pointed out that the caretakers should refrain from blindly adhering to the policies dictated by the IMF. He said the masses were unable to bear the burden of inflated bills. The JI, he said, to stage protest demonstrations across the country against the surge in power tariff and overall inflation, forcing the government take back decision aimed at targeting the poverty-stricken masses at the behest of the IMF.
He said it was due to ill-conceived economic policies of past governments of the PDM, PPP, and PTI that the people were starving to death, appealing the masses to actively participate in JI’s peaceful protests and raise their voices against injustice.
The JI Emir said the former rulers lacked sincerity towards the public.

The rulers, he said, amassed wealth in foreign accounts, depriving the people of from basic rights. He emphasized that both military regimes and political parties’ governments backed by the establishment have only brough destruction He urged the people to reject tested parties and instead cast their votes for the JI, which promises genuine transformation and the establishment of an Islamic welfare state in Pakistan.

In homage to the tireless efforts of the late Dilawar Saeedi for Islam and the Ummah, the JI chief extolled his contributions, assuring that his endeavors would not be in vain. Haq expressed optimism that the rule of the Quran and Sunnah would ultimately prevail in both Bangladesh and Pakistan. (NNI)