No solution to economic woes sans political stability: Sheikh Rashid

F.P. Report

RAWALPINDI: Awami Muslim League chief and former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said on Saturday that there was no solution to economic woes without political stability in the country.

Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rashid said in a statement on the social media website X that country was going to face a serious constitutional and legal crisis. He said the economic hardships had started dominating the political problems.
Rashid said when the elections would be held or on whose order these would be held was a secondary issue and electricity bills and high petrol tariff was the main issue for the public now.

The senior politician said for the first time sugar and flour were selling at the same price of Rs 170 per kg in the country.The poor would buy flour, pay electricity bills, house rent or fees of the children. All this could not be done in one salary, he said.
Rashid said actually these were the people who were making Pakistan a state and they had come under serious economic and political stress.

Supporting a family and running the affairs of the house was now main problem of a poor man and no one was paying heed to this issue, said Rashid. It was government’s first and foremost responsibility to solve issues of a poor man, he said. (NNI)