Judge’s wife granted bail in maid torture case

ISLAMABAD (PPI): District and Sessions Court in Islamabad on Tuesday granted pre-arrest bail to Somia Asim, wife of a civil judge, who had allegedly tortured her 14-year-old maid Rizwana, until August 7.
Additional Sessions Judge Dr. Abida Sajjad ordered main suspect in the case to deposit a surety bond of Rs100,000. Earlier on the same day, Somia had filed a pre-arrest bail application in Islamabad’s District and Sessions Court, reported 24NewsHD TV channel. In her application, she said that contents of the FIR registered against her were all fabricated. She further said that Rizwana worked at her home with the consent of her parents, and that she never tortured her.
Somia vowed to prove all allegations against her wrong. She claimed that Rizwana was 17, and not 14-year-old. “I have always given her affection just like I have given affection to my three kids,” she said, adding, “There was no complaint of torture against me prior to the incident in question.” Somia went on to say that she was the victim of that campaign which was being run to vilify her husband, who is a man of good reputation. “Due to this campaign, I am going through mental torture these days,” she said, adding, “Since I am ready to cooperate with the police in the investigation, therefore, it is prayed to the court to accept my pre-arrest bail plea.”
Maid torture case: Rizwana’s health shows improvement: In a significant development, the condition of 14-year-old housemaid Rizwana, who was allegedly subjected to brutal torture by a civil judge’s wife in Islamabad, showed signs of improvement, according to the medical board’s latest report on Tuesday.
The incident of alleged violence against the housekeeper, Rizwana, who served at the residence of the Administrative Officer of Islamabad Judicial Complex, had sparked outrage and concern across the nation. During a crucial meeting held at Lahore General Hospital to assess Rizwana’s health, the head of the medical board, Professor Jodut Saleem, informed the media that the young girl’s health had notably improved since yesterday.
“Thanks to the application of oxygen, Rizwana’s breathing difficulties have significantly decreased, and she is now able to communicate. Professor Jodut Saleem disclosed that Rizwana had been facing complications due to infection, but her condition had shown positive progress. The medical team’s attentive care and treatment have helped alleviate some of the immediate health concerns.
“Today, Rizwana has even expressed her desire to eat solid food,” Professor Jodut Saleem stated, highlighting the encouraging strides the young girl is making in her recovery. In addition to solid food, Rizwana has also been started on a soft diet to aid her recuperation. The medical board has been providing Rizwana with juices and water to maintain her hydration levels during the healing process.