Kabul-Herat highway reconstruction begins

MAIDAN WARDAK (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Public Works of Afghanistan said that the reconstruction of 80 kilometers of the Kabul-Herat highway has started and the project that costs $5 million will take nine months to complete.
The Durrani Bazaar in Maidan Wardak will be the first place covered by the project and then it will proceed to Ghazni city.
“The road is 80 kilometers long, 7 meters wide, and has 1.5 meters breakdown lane on both sides. It runs from the Durrani Bazar area to the center of Ghazni,” said Abdul Karim Fateh, Technical Deputy of the Ministry of Public Works.
The toll will be collected from the drivers who travel through this route, according to the contractor company’s management.
“This project has been signed with the Ministry of Public Works and is financed by Toll Plaza, and the cars that pass through this route are charged a fee. This project is financed through this,” said Basirullah Masham, head of the Basir Ahmadi Company.
The Kabul-Herat highway is a crucial transit route that not only links a lot of provinces with the capital but is also important for the transportation of goods between Afghanistan and its neighbors.