MoCIT set deadline banning PUBG, TikTok

KABUL (Agencies): Chaired by Mawlawi Najibullah Haqqani Minister of Communication and Information Technology a meeting held with the officials of the telecommunications companies and relevant government organs, during a meeting, set a deadline for banning the TikTok and PUBG applications in the country.
The meeting held on Saturday, attended by other relevant Ministries including the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the Ministry of Vice and Virtue, said a statement.
During the meeting officials of the relevant Ministries reviewed previous work of the first meeting held on the matter, according to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.
The professional teams of relevant ministries and agencies that worked together with the telecommunication companies to Ban PUBG and TikTok presented their work result and reports about banning the two applications in the country.
Its has said that the meeting after many discussions and negotiations, in coordination with the representatives of the telecommunication networks, a deadline of one month to ban TikTok and three months to ban the PUBG application was set for all the communication companies.
Banning the PUBG application in Afghanistan was a decision in the previous administration and after the Islamic Emirate came to power in the country, the decision to close both applications, including TikTok, was updated again.
After much consideration, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology a meeting with other relevant governments set a deadline of one month for banning TikTok and three months for PUBG in the country.