Kandahar City dwellers demand eradication of noise pollution

KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): The residents of Kandahar City, the capital of southern Kandahar province, have complained against the growing noise pollution in the city and said it caused disturbance for the dwellers.
Saifuddin, the resident of Kandahar City, said disorder and noise pollution had increased in the city which mentally disturbed people. “There are a lot of traffic in the city, the sound of vehicles horns, generators in front of shops and in addition small loudspeakers are on to attract customers,” he said.
He said it was a serious issue and relevant officials should take steps to control this situation and ensure order and management in the city.
Bashir Ahmad, another Kandahar City resident, said the noise created by vehicles horns and engines caused more disturbances for the people and there is need for solution to this issue. “Due to disorder and mismanagement most traffic are blocked in most points then the drivers press on horns, there is nobody to tell them why they press on horn unnecessarily,” he said. Health experts also agreed that noise pollution was dangerous for the mental situation of people and if a person continuously hears voices he will get angry quickly.
Dr. Enayatullah Sharifi said: “Voice pollution is dangerous for the nerve system of human being and could not concentrate on a single point. Continued suffering from voice pollution hampered human brain so the better thing is that to keep yourself away from voice pollution.”
Mohammad Rahim Bashardost, information director of the Environmental Protection Department, said efforts to control noise pollution in Kandahar City had been intensified and they were jointly working with the Traffic Department and other relevant institutions to address this issue.
“After the takeover of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan there is more traffic and more congestion in the city, we try to prevent noise pollution, roundup loudspeakers from the city and make regular inspection,” he said.
Kandahar residents linked the growing pollution with increase of growing use of old vehicles, burning of tires and unhealthy items for heating and other similar factors. They said due to government negligence these unfair activities could not be stopped which added to growing pollution in the city.