Protest against ban on women’s education:
Taliban detains professor

KABUL (Khaama Press): Afghanistan acting authorities detained Ismail Mashal, a lecturer who tore up his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees on live TV in protest against a ban on Afghan women’s education in the country.
“Mashal was mercilessly beaten and taken away in a very disrespectful manner by members of the Islamic Emirate,” Mashal’s aide Farid Ahmad Fazli referring to the Taliban government while speaking to AFP.
Mashal last year ripped up his academic degrees on Live Telecast Tolo TV, which went viral on social media to protest the ban on women’s education in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, he was a lecturer teaching at three different universities in Kabul. However, when the Taliban issued a decree ban on education, he resigned from his academic post on 20 December. Recently he opened a book handcart in the form of a protest on women’s education and distributed them for free to Kabul’s residents. He stated that all the books, 21,000 were part of his collection.
Since August 2021, the Taliban Islamic Emirate has imposed several bans on women’s work and education. On the one hand, they restricted school girls’ education, not beyond sixth grade; on the other hand, they restricted women from working in national and International organizations.
Recently, acting higher education ministry released a letter ordering all private and public universities not to allow female students to sit for the university entrance exam. The decree was confronted with substantial condemnation by the people and international communities.