Karine defers F 16 related question to DOD

Jalil Afridi 

Washington: While replying to a question by an Indian journalist regarding F 16 related assistance to Pakistan, White House Spokesperson, Karine Pierre said that the journalist should contact the Department of Defence (DOD) regarding his query. 

“This is a propose assistance and that’s all I know about it and for further information you should contact the DOD” Karine said.

At one point the Spokesperson was confused and started answering by saying how India and US relations are of strategic interest  and etc but the journalist said that he was not asking about the US India relation but rather he was asking about Pakistan, who was not provided any Defence assistance by the US in last four years and now the Biden administration is planning to provide Defence assistance to Pakistan with regard the F 16’s. Karine corrected her reply and said it’s propose assistance and that’s all she knew.