Kashmir Solidarity Day and the next

Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has declared that no amount of state terrorism, unleashed by Indian Occupation Forces, can break the will of the Kashmiris or undermine their legitimate struggle to get freedom from Indian occupation. During his message on Kashmir Solidarity Day, the Premier assured Kashmiri brethren of full moral, diplomatic, and political support, for their just cause at all levels until they attain freedom from Indian oppression.

75 years had gone by since the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir are in the chain, humanity is suffering at the hands of hypocrisy and human rights are unashamedly being smashed under gunpoint over the past seven and a half decades. Kashmiri people are awaiting a saviour, who help rescue them from Hindutva’s brutal treatment and Modi’s open prison in the Indian Illegally Occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Unfortunately, the self-claimed so-called biggest democracy has set asides all democratic and global norms through the continuous suppression of the fundamental rights of over 15 million Kashmiris and the heinous betrayal of multiple UN Security Council resolutions regarding the Kashmir dispute. At the same time, the global advocates of democracy and civil liberties have turned a blind eye toward the ongoing grave humanitarian crisis in Indian-held Kashmir just to promote their economic and monetary interests in Hindustan.

India has long forcibly occupied Jammu and Kashmir over the past decades, while Kashmir remained one of the longstanding unresolved disputes on the agenda of the UN Security Council until now. The Indian rulers not only themselves took the Kashmir issue to the United Nations, but they also acknowledged the need for a peaceful settlement of the issue by holding a free and fair plebiscite in the Jammu and Kashmir region under the UN’s patronage. However, successive Indian governments deliberately deceived the global community and eluded their responsibility regarding the resolution of the Kashmir dispute. Ironically, the Modi-led BJP Hindutva regime took the lead from its forerunners and shamelessly resorted to demographic change in the disputed territory by taking unilateral and unlawful actions and legislations including the revocation of Article 370 and Section 35 of the Indian constitution in August 2019. Modi regime issued millions of fake domicile certificates to non-Kashmiris and allowed them Kashmiri citizenship and property rights, changed electoral constituencies, and added fake voters to electoral lists to ultimately affect the future elections in the valley.

Presently, the Hindu occupier regime has turned the valley into a military garrison and blatantly used all possible repressive measures to virtually turn Kashmiris into a minority in their own land. Modi regime has intensified its atrocities, and human rights violations through ramped-up extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detentions, and unprecedented curbs on print, electronic and social media to crush the just and lawful freedom movement of the people of Kashmir. The situation portrays an uncertain future for Kashmiri Muslims and Pakistan needs to launch renewed efforts to sensitize the UN and other global forums about the miserable condition of Kashmiri people and the unlawful actions of the Indian government in the valley. Apparently, annual appeals of Pakistani leaders did not work so far thus a forceful and concerted campaign at the UN is urgently required that convince the global forum to resolve the Kashmir issue according to the aspirations of the Kashmiri people as early as possible.