Wagner Group, America’s new challenger

According to the western media, the Biden administration has stepped up pressure on Middle Eastern allies to expel the Wagner Group from chaos-stricken oil-rich Libya and military-ruled good-rich Sudan. The reports revealed that CIA Director William Burns and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has pressed Egyptian President Al Sisi and UAE authorities to persuade their Sudanese and Lebanese allies to break off with the Russian Wagener Group, a military contractor firm owned by a Russian oligarch.

The Russian military contractor, the Wagner Group has become the topmost priority of the Biden administration to render it ineffective and toothless so it could not challenge US and western interests in any part of the world. Apparently, Kremlin has stolen the idea of a private military from the American Black Water group which has changed multiple names and faces over the past years, yet its primary trading in killing, destruction, and bloodshed remained unchanged and significantly boomed during this time.

Meanwhile, President Putin also recruited criminals, and assassins from Russian prisons trained and equipped them with lethal weapons, and handed them over to Retired military Generals to compete with the American CIA and Black Water in Africa, the Middle East, and other future destinations of major powers. Surprisingly, the Wagner Group successfully expanded its influence in multiple nations including Mali, Nigar, Sudan, Congo, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Lybia, and others in a few years. The group’s fighters had been fighting alongside the Russian military in Ukraine and pushed back western nations in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region which caused great concerns in the Western capitals.

Presently, Biden’s aides are relentlessly working on the mission to defame, discredit, destroy, and detach the Russain Wagner Group in its missions in multiple nations, and for that purpose, a heightened shuttle diplomacy, propaganda campaign, and other tools and tacts are being to use to get it done. As reported, Biden has convinced several African leaders during US-Africa Leaders Summit in recent days while others are being coaxed by Blinken and Burns. Certainly, opposing blocs would appear in resource riched Africa, and new rivalries would flourish in the continent. Although, Putin and Biden would accomplish their mission and will enjoy their triumph but Africans alone would suffer the devastations of their rivalry.