Kate taps her husband behind at BAFTA, fans swooned

Monitoring Desk

LONDON: A cute and naughty video of the royal couple of Wales Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William has been making rounds on the internet from the BAFTA awards’ red carpet.

In the video, the couple is seen walking on the red carpet in lush and elegant attires exhibiting royalty. They are seen talking about something when Kate, displaying affection publicly taps her husband’s behind which sent the public into a frenzy.

A lip reader apparently revealed what they were talking about and her claims have made Kate’s gesture an enactment of what she saw in the crowd. According to the lip reader’s claims, Kate apparently saw an exchange she had seen in the crowd and reenacted it while telling her husband about it. Kate reportedly said “That man – he tapped her on the bottom.” Leaning in a little closer, her husband reportedly replied “Did he?” Kate tapped William on the rear to reenact what she had just seen reportedly and after tapping, she exclaimed “That was so funny.”

The public, who was already head over heels for the couple has now got another reason to love them even more and are seen commenting the same thing.