Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar gives his two cents over cheating partners

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KARACHI In an interview, legendary Pakistani screenwriter Khalil-ur Rehman Qamar shared his views on relationships and how to deal with a cheating partner.

He said that people go to extremes when they find out that they were or are being cheated on. They should just buy their partner a bouquet of flowers, greet them with a smile, open the door and let them go to wherever or to whoever they want.

He said when we make love our obsession, the love disappears. The host asked that how can you let someone you have spent your whole life with and made memories go so easily. To which the “Mere Pass Tum Ho” writer replied “Lamba sath to Allah ka hota ha insan jitna nibha le bht ha.”

He said that one should go to someone who deserves them and they deserve the other.