Khawaja Asif dismisses claims Shehbaz carried establishment’s message to London

F.P. Report

SIALKOT: Former Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said Thursday that there was no truth in claims that Shehbaz Sharif carried establishment’s message to London.

Speaking to the media in Sialkot, Khawaja Asif said many news reported in the media turned out to be false, with about 70 percent of media reports being inaccurate. He also mentioned that even different election dates had been reported in the media.

“Now, the election date has been clarified, and there is still speculations regarding Shehbaz Sharif’s trip to London, where he stayed for two days before returning,” he said.

Asif said, “Certain matters cannot be discussed over the telephone. Some discussions are held face to face.”

He said he was present at the meeting where younger Sharif joined and discussed election-related matters. He also mentioned that elder Sharif had made consultations on election matters. Nawaz Sharif is expected to return on October 21.

The former federal minister said that even now speculations are rife on social media regarding Nawaz Sharif’s return. “He will come back, he is determined and date of his return is final. Preparations are underway to accord him a warm welcome. Making such speculations is the right of media and we cannot raise any objection over that,” he said.

Asif categorically rejected involvement of the establishment in this matter and any direction issued thereof.

Khawaja Asif further stated that claims of younger Sharif carried establishment’s message to London were baseless. He refused to comment on the statement issued by caretaker minister that elder Sharif would be arrested upon his arrival in Pakistan. He said former law minister Tarar was handling the matter.

Regarding any division within the PML-N, he said he had no knowledge about it.