Asif was an employee of UAE firm – Shahzad

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s former Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif was also working as Management Consultant at a UAE based firm International Mechanical and Electrical Corporation at the same time. It was revealed by SAPM for Interior and Accountability Mirza Shahzad Akbar in a press conference here on Saturday.

While responding to opposition accusation of political victimization on the recent arrest of Khawaja Asif by the NAB authorities, he went on elaborating the details of the case. According to him, Khawaja Asif informed the FBR about his so-called employment at IMECO, a UAE based company. Khawaja has been receiving UAE 50 thousand equal to Pakistan Rs. 22 Lac monthly. Surprisingly, Khawaja’s job discontinued as he exited from the government in 2018 and pouring of money from his foreign bank account into his Bank Account in Pakistan was also stopped.

Mirza also provided a brief account of the properties and assets held in the Asif’s name in the country. He further said that a company namely Tariq Mir and Company Rice Exporters contracted an agreement of exporting rice abroad for Rs. 125 million, later, the cheque of said amount has been deposited in the company’s account but physically no rice has been exported to the Customer abroad.  He further accused the Khawaja Asif for providing bogus cheque number to the Investigating agency which was exposed during the investigation.

SAPM for Youth Affairs, Usman Dar said that the accused opposition leaders should prove their innocence in the court by evidences instead of blaming the government for political victimization.