Kyrgyz envoy meets top Islamic Emirate officials

KABUL (TOLOnews): In a visit to Afghanistan, the special representative of the Kyrgyz president, Talat Beg Mossadaqaf, met with the senior members of the Islamic Emirate in Kabul.
Mossadaqaf met with the first deputy of the prime minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, and second deputy of the prime minister, Mullah Abdul Salam Hanafi, as well as deputy of the Foreign Ministry, Shir Mohammad Abas Stanekzai, and they discussed political and economic issues as well as security threats from the Afghan soil.
In the meetings, the Kyrgyz envoy pledged to provide assistance to Afghanistan in various sectors.
The deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, Bilal Karimi, said that the Afghan borders have been secured now more than ever.
“Our borders are more secure than at any other time. The stance of the Islamic Emirate is to prevent threats to any country because the Islamic Emirate doesn’t allow any threat to come from Afghan soil toward other countries,” he said.
The delegation of the Kyrgyz representative included officials from the Kyrgyz embassy and security departments.
“Refering to the recent clashes on the Kyrgyzstan border, Mr. Stanekzai stressed the need to find solutions through talks. He also pledged the Islamic Emirate’s cooperation in extending political and economic relations with Kyrgyzstan,” said Zia Ahmad Takal, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The political analysts believe that the Islamic Emirate needs to strengthen its security on the borders to eliminate the concerns of neighboring countries, particularly the Central Asian countries.
“Kabul doesn’t intend to destabilize the region but it should bring reforms inside the country to gain recognition by the regional countries,” said Torek Farhadi, a political analyst.
“The Islamic Emirate should strengthen its borders to eliminate the concerns of the Asian countries to prevent all types of threats from Afghan soil,” said Amanullah Hotak, a political analyst.
Earlier, the Central Asian countries voiced concerns over threats from Afghan soil.