54 children sent to Germany for treatment

KABUL (Agencies): The Afghan Red Crescent Society, in collaboration with the Peace Village Organization, will send 54 children with osteoporosis and severe burns to Germany for treatment.
The head of the Afghan Red Crescent society, Mawlavi Matiul Haq Khalis said that these children are being treated with the help of the German Peace Village.
The German Peace Village has facilitated the treatment of a number of sick Afghan children in Germany since 1987 Fifty-four other children, including boys and girls, are supposed to be transferred to Germany on Thursday, and at the meantime, 68 children who were treated in Germany will return to the country.
He reminded that from now on, patients with heart holes will be treated inside the country and there is no need to send them abroad.
According to him, the Afghan Red Crescent has earmarked two million dollars for the treatment of children with perforated heart disease inside the country.
German Peace Village has taken 4,700 sick children in 87 groups to Germany for treatment since 1987, and after recovery, they were returned to Afghanistan back.