Madrasas registration process from next month

Abdullah Malik

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Education in a fresh move decided to starts madrasas registration process from next month in the country, the documents available with The Frontier Post spotlighted.

In lower house of the parliament questions were raised on the madrasas registration saga after the formation of the National Action Plan (NAP) following the attack on the army public school Peshawar.

The ministry in response of these queries submitted documents in parliament in which it was mentioned that the ministry will kick off the registration process from March. The documents added that madrasas in whole country will registered under the umbrella of ministry.

Its pertained to mentioned here that according to the official data of ministry of education there are round about 25000-40000 madrasas in the country hailing from different school of thoughts.

In documents added that till this time no single madrasa registered with ministry of education and they are making efforts to bring all of them under one umbrella.

Its pertained to mentioned here that after the bloodbath in army public school the civil and military leadership formed a 20 points national action plan for countering terrorism and violent extremism in the country as well in plan no: 10 “Registration and regulation of religious seminaries” in country was also stressed but no government take this serious and the registration and regulation process is still pending since 2014 mentioned by various news outlets and experts monitoring the security landscape in country.

The ministry in its official record also mentioned that they are working on a mechanism under which the course curricula of madarasas will be streamlined in the upcoming months.

Its pertained to mentioned here that religious parties as well political faces from the right wings opposed the registration and regulation process and termed it conspiracy against the Madrasas.