Male students boycott classes

KABUL (TOLOnews): Male students from various universities in the country have boycotted their classes over the suspension of higher education for women in Afghanistan, saying they will not return until classes are opened for female students.
The students called on the Islamic Emirate to remove the ban on higher education for women.
“We will continue our boycott and if the female classes are not reopened, we will also boycott our lessons and will not continue education,” said Muzamel, a student.
“Universities are closed for our sisters. We don’t want to go to university either,” said Nawidullah, another student.
“My two sisters are also pursuing higher education, but due to the closure of institutions, I will not continue as well,” said Mohebullah, a student said.
A number of lecturers at Kabul University also asked the Islamic Emirate to reconsider its decision.
“We ask the Islamic Emirate to reopen universities for our sisters,” said Tawfiqullah, a university lecturer.
“We came to such a conclusion to show our protest to the decision against our sisters,” said Masihullah, a university lecturer.
In reaction to Islamic Emirate’s decision, some residents of Kabul asked the government to reopen universities as soon as possible.
“The closure of universities, schools and religious schools is really unfortunate,” said Asma, a resident of Kabul.
“Afghanistan will not become prosperous if universities are closed and girls are deprived of schooling,” said Siyar, a Kabul resident.
Five days ago, the Ministry of Higher Education announced the suspension of higher education for women in the country until the next announcement. The decision sparked reactions within and outside the country.