Male tailors claim restrictions on making clothes for women

Charikar (TOLONews): Several male tailors in Charikar, the capital of Parwan province, said that they had received verbal orders from officials of the department of virtue and vice prohibiting them from making clothing for women. Tailors said that with the closing of their shops, they are facing economic challenges.
“10,000 Afs is the rent of the shop, there are student expenses, and we used to meet all our expenses from sewing women’s clothes,” said Mukhtar Sekandari, a
According to the representatives of the Parwan tailors’ union, most of the tailors in this province lost employment as a result of the restrictions, and some had to leave the country.
“All the tailors who made clothing for women lost their jobs and some even went to Iran,” said Imamuddin, representative of the Charikar Craftsmen and Shopkeepers group.
“Our shops are on the brink of collapse, there is no business,” said Mohammad Saber Qudous, the representative of Parwan tailors.
However, local Parwan officials deny this claim and said that some recommendations have been given to the tailors.
“They are permitted to make clothes and there is no barrier in the field for them, but when they take the size of women who personally come to them, that is forbidden by the department of virtue and vice,” said Hikmatullah Shamim, the spokesman of the governor of Parwan.
This comes as many of the country’s youth have migrated illegally over the past two years as a result of unemployment and the country’s growing poverty.