Masses not interested in Imran’s narrative of declaring opponent corrupt: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD (APP): Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Thursday that the masses had stopped listening to Imran Khan’s false narrative of accusing political opponents of corruption.
Talking to the media persons here, she called Imran Khan a mentally disturbed person. “Educational institutions are being turned into political arenas by the Punjab government,” she said. The minister said that she was glad to see that youth were moving away from the politics of division and corruption of Imran Khan.
She said they had realised that the country was economically far better before Imran’s coming to power. The minister said the process of dragging children into dirty politics should be stopped.
“Pakistan had 6.2 per cent GDP growth rate, inflation was only 3 per cent, over 14000 megawatt power generation had been done, China
Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects were in progress and youth were getting employment opportunities, health card facility was provided to the deserving people, youth programme was launched to provide jobs to the new generation, motorways were being built.’ She said the youth also knew that due to Imran’s inefficiency and incompetence, the country was facing economic crisis. Moreover, she said that Imran accused other of corruption but he himself was involved in corruption and theft of national resources.
To a question, she said that Tosha Khana was an open and shut case and it was not only a case of watches, gifts worth billions of rupees were not declared.
Taking dig at Imran she said the person who demanded others should be held accountable for forty years, now he should be held accountable for his own four years tenure. She said Imran had all the powers during his tenure, and all record was available, if someone had committed corruption they should have been punished.
Imran Khan would have to answer for his corruption and theft, she maintained.
National Contingency Energy Saving Plan approved
Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Thursday that National Contingency Energy Saving Plan had been prepared which would significantly reduce the import bill.
In a tweet, she said that this decision was made in a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on economic recovery and elimination of energy shortage. The minister said that extraordinary measures were decided in the meeting in an extraordinary situation.
She said that emergency saving plan would be presented in the next cabinet meeting for final approval.
She said that all the chief ministers would also be invited to the upcoming cabinet meeting as the plan be implemented in collaboration with the provinces. She said that a decision to crack down on electricity theft was also taken.
She said that converting private and government buildings to solar energy was also part of the plan.
The purpose of the Emergency Energy Saving Plan, she said was to reduce the pressure on the people and the economy as the price of fuel, including oil, continued to rise in the global market.
She said that Pakistan’s import bill was $29 billion annually which in rupees terms amounted to more than 6 trillion.
As a result of the energy saving plan, billions of dollars will be saved annually, which would be more than Rs 262 billion in Pakistani rupees.
Extraordinary measures were necessary to cope with the extraordinary situation in which every Pakistani will have to play his part, she maintained.
The minister quoted the Prime Minister as saying that saving energy was the problem of Pakistan’s survival.