Mathira slams Rabia Anum’s double standards on Mohsin Abbas saga

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Television host Mathira took to her Instagram handle and came in the support of Mohsin Abbas Haider. She condemned the Rabia Anum’s action and requested people to stop humiliating the actor and urged them to give Mohsin Abbas Haider a second chance.

Pertinent to note that the television host Rabia Anum was invited as a guest in Nida Yasir’s morning show Good Morning Pakistan’s live episode along with Fiza Ali and Mohsin Abbas Haider.

The host Rabia Anum walked out of the show after learning that the actor Mohsin Abbas Hadier is also invited in the show, citing that she cannot share the stage with a domestic violence abuser.

She added that she was not informed about the presence of the Mohsin. Rabia previously supported Mohsin Abbas Haider’s ex-wife Fatima Sohail when she levelled domestic violence allegations on ‘Udi Jaa’ singer back in 2019.

Here is the video:

Mohsin Abbas Haider, However, sat quiet in the show during this. This action of Rabia Anum has divided the public into two groups. Where one group applauded this move of Rabia in the live show, many others saw this action with total contempt and criticized Anum for being so disgraceful towards Mohsin Abbas. They are also of the view that Rabia could have left the show silently but she created drama just to make headlines.