MCCI proposes barter exchange system for trade with neighbours

MULTAN (APP): Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (MCCI) sub-committee for liaison with government met here Sunday and proposed that department concerned should introduce a barter exchange system for trade with neighbouring counties and demanded legislation for international e-payments. The meeting, chaired by sub-committee convener, Khawaja Muhammad Hussain, unanimously named MCCI president Mian Rashid Iqbal as the co-convener of the sub-committee.
The south Punjab industrialists discussed the national economic situation in detail and the initiatives of the government to bring stability.
Speaking on the occasion Khawaja Muhammad Hussain said that the industries that are self reliant should be encourged and businesses relying on these industries should be given incentives.
Khawaja said that a barter trade exchange system should be developed for trade with neighbouring countries to jumpstart trade activities in the region and develop good relations with neighbour.
To further strengthening the national economy, legislation should be introduced for infomation technology sector particularly the international e-payments.
Moreover, he said that lectures of senior MCCI business persons should be arranged for students of Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) to make them understand the business and industry requirements.
President MCCI and co-convener of sub commuttee Mian Rashid Iqbal, senior vice president Nadeem Ahmad Sheikh, vice president Sheikh Asim Saeed, Suhail Tufail, Waqas Khalid, Aqeel Qureshi and secretary committee Sajid Ansari were present.