McConaughey urges legislation on guns purchase

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: Oscar winning actor Matthew Mcconaughey urged lawmakers in America to come up with legislation to control gun violence.

Matthew was speaking at the White House Press Briefing Room, after meeting President Joe Biden. Matthew who is also from Uvalde Texas where recently a gunman killed 19 school children and two teachers. “Make the loss of these lives matter” said Matthew in his emotional speech at the White House while showing pictures of the victims. 

Matthew further said that “this time something is different and the decision makers from both the parties are at least sitting down and are having a real conversation about a way forward.” 

Recent mass shootings in America have compelled the lawmakers to at least come up with some laws which prohibits the purchase of automatic assault rifles by the public. Americans have the largest number of guns in the world and the process to purchase any sort of gun is very simple and easy. 

Gunmakers and their lobbyists are also very powerful in America and amongst them the National Rifle Association is the most influential which does not want to see any amendments in the current laws. Public sentiments across America are very high at the moment and they are urging their party representatives whether Democrats or Republicans to modify the gun laws. 

In the memory of guns violence victims’ floral wreaths are being displayed Infront of the Washington Monument in Washington DC