Minister claims women’s rights ‘not repressed’

KABUL (TOLOnews): The acting Minister of Vice and Virtue Mohammad Khalid Hanafi claimed that the rights of women under the Islamic Emirate have not been repressed. He made the remarks in a ceremony introducing the new governor for Badakhshan. Referring to the international community, Hanafi said that they are accusing the Islamic Emirate of violating women’s rights, while they have themselves violated the rights of women. “Those who don’t give heritage to their sisters, the sisters can complain about them. From Badakhshan to Kandahar, no one has the right to loot the heritage of their sisters,” he said. Hanfi also voiced criticism towards France’s abaya ban and questioned the silence of the international community. “France, which is always talking about education. When Muslim women wear hijab there, they are not being allowed to attend the university. Why is the international community not raising its voice?” he said. Some officials of the interim government, meanwhile, said that they will never allow some of the former government to interfere in the country’s affairs. Meanwhile, some of the women in Badakhshan called on the Islamic Emirate to facilitate females’ access to education within Islamic law. “It is not enough for women to only have the rights to choose their husband and take heritage, we call on the government to allow women to be educated and work,” said Lalmah Hasrat, a resident of Badakhshan. This comes as girls and women have been prohibited from education and work after the Islamic Emirate came to power.