Minister: Ruling regime should pay attention to people’s demands

KABUL (Khaama Press): Afghanistan’s Minister of Mines and Petroleum Shahabuddin Delawar in a ceremony held to commemorate the withdrawal of the Soviet Union said that the current regime should pay attention to the legitimate demands of the people, in order to sustain itself.
Shahabuddin Delawar said that all Taliban senior leaders including ministers, deputy ministers, and other officials should pay extra attention to the legitimate demands of the common people.
Minister Delawar’s remarks indicate that Taliban officials are criticizing the group’s leadership and the latest decisions which violated the rights of women and girls to get an education, work, or appear in public places.
Addressing a crowd, Mr. Delawar on Wednesday reiterated that freedom is achieved through the power of the general public and lost by leaders. Maintaining freedom is equally important as gaining it, Delawar said.
This comes as the ongoing criticisms from the Taliban leadership’s decisions are increasingly growing within the group in the recent past. Previously, Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Acting Interior Minister in a gathering in Khost province criticized the group’s leadership and said, “monopolizing power” is not good for the ruling regime.
Haqqani criticized the members of the group and said that they have forgotten the interests of the people. Taliban members do not think about “what service they can provide to the people” after they get appointed to positions in the current regime.
“We reached our goals with many sacrifices. Now, the responsibility has been placed on our shoulders and it requires patience, morals, and proper behavior and engagement with the people,” Haqqani said.
The intergroup criticism has increased among the top-ranking Taliban officials over the latest decisions. Apparently, a large majority of the group is not happy with the repressive policies the Islamic regime is pursuing.