Women complain lack of handicraft markets

KABUL (TOLOnews): Some businesswomen have complained of a lack of markets for selling their handicrafts and said that due to lack of work they face economic challenges.
Wahida is a woman who has worked in handicrafts for the past 4 years and she is the only breadwinner in her 7-member family.
Wahida said that for the lack of markets to sell handicrafts, she faced economic challenges.
“It has been two years that our work has not been going well, and we have reduced our number of students at home, now we have two students instead of 15 students at home,” said Wahida Sultani.
Meanwhile, some businesswomen called on the Islamic Emirate to provide facilities for selling their products.
“We call on the Islamic Emirate to allow people to work, especially women who are the breadwinners for their houses,” said Nargis, a businesswomen.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Women said that handicrafts are in decline due to a lack of domestic and foreign markets, and if the Islamic Emirate paid attention to this area, work would be provided for hundreds of people.
“if the private sector helped them, each company could employ more than 100 people,” said Mumtaz Usifi, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Mines and Industry Ministry said that the Islamic Emirate seeks to create domestic and foreign markets for industrial women.
“We support our sisters making handicrafts, and we facilitate the marketing field for the sale of their handicrafts inside and outside the country,” said Akhonzada AbdulSalam Jawad, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
According to the statistics of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Women, in Afghanistan, 4,000 women have obtained an official license for commercial activity.