MoIC committed protecting all historical monuments: Farahi

HERAT (Agencies): The Deputy Minister of Publication Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Culture, during his trip to Herat, visits minaret of Herat, he said, that the ministry is committed protecting of all the historical monuments of the country.
According to Mawlavi Hayatullah Mohajer Farahi, Deputy Minister of publication, at the current state work is under to preserve relics and historical monuments of the country.
Meanwhile, the head of Information and Culture of Herat, Mawlana Naeem ul Haq Haqqani, says that the work to preserve well the fifth minaret of Herat, along with the carpeting of the roofs of the Herat Jama Masjid, is underway.
Haqqani says that every day more than fifty people are working on the minaret since the beginning of preservation works.
Haqqani the head of information and culture of Herat says that after the completion of the fifth historic minaret of Herat, work will begin on other historical monuments of this province.