Motorbike sales up 18.88%

ISLAMABAD (APP): The sale of motorbikes and three wheelers witnessed an increase of 18.88 percent during the first half of financial year (2020-21) as compared to the corresponding period of last year.

During the period under review, as many as 950,871 motorbikes and three wheelers were sold in July-December (2020-21) against the sale of 799,820 units in July-December (2019-20), showing growth of 18.88 percent, according to the Pakistan Automobile Manufacturing Association (PAMA).

The sale of Honda motorcycles went up 19.96 percent from 515,173 units in last year to 618,040 units during current year whereas the sale of Suzuki motorcycles witnessed nominal decrease of 2.67 percent from 10,865 units to 10,574 units.

Similarly, the sale of Yamaha motorbikes also went down from from 12,913 units to 10,524 witnessing decreased of 18.50 percent while the sale of Ravi motorbikes witnessed a sharp decline of 51.26 percent from 9,018 units to 4,395 units during the period under review.

The sales of United Auto motorcycles increased by 19.28 percent from 169,578 units to 202,284 units while the sales of Road Prince motorcycles also increased by 24.11 percent from 63,612 units to 78,955 units.

Meanwhile, the sale of Road Prince three wheelers witnessed an increase of 23.90 percent from 4,372 units in last year to 5,417 units in the same month’s current year while the sale of Sazgar three wheeler also increased by 46.51 percent from 4,792 units to 7,021 units.

The sale of Qingqi three wheelers has shown increase of 70.55 percent by going up from 5,759 units to 9,822 units whereas the sale of United Auto three wheelers also rose 23.54 percent from 3,084 units to 3,810 units, the data revealed.