MPCL to lauch ‘Flagship
Green on Wheels Initiative’

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Mari Petroleum Company Ltd (MPCL) organized an event to launch its Flagship Green on Wheels Initiative to support CDA in developing Islamabad’s largest Miyawaki Forest.

The event held on Tuesday at H-12, Srinagar Highway in Islamabad. The event was attended by senior management of CDA, District Administration and MPCL. The function was also attended by media personnel.

Brigadier Asad Raza (Retired) comprehensively briefed the audience about company’s broader CSR commitments and Sustainability goals. The social impact of various CSR initiatives was also apprised wherein MPCL has shown the resolve and commitment towards sustainable development in all of its areas of operation. The determination exhibited by MPCL during its flood relief mission resulted in early restoration of its all business operational sites, while providing immediate humanitarian assistance to communities affected by floods.

Mr. Irfan Azeem, DG Environment CDA explained the concept of “Miyawaki” as one of the most effective tree planting methods for creating forest on degraded land in an earlier timeframe. It is effective because it is based on natural reforestation principles, i.e. using trees native to the area and replicating natural forest regeneration processes. It has some significant benefits over more traditional forestry methods when used in smaller afforestation projects and is particularly effective in the urban environment. The trees planted by this method grow much faster, jump starting the forest creation process and capturing more carbon.

Managing Director MPCL, Mr. Faheem Haider expressed the dire need to develop climate resilient polices in wake of recent floods in Pakistan and focus on participating in clean and green environmental initiatives. He eulogized CDA’s initiative of aligning their green initiatives with the MPCL’s “Green on Wheels” and developing the largest Miyawaki forest in Islamabad with the support of MPCL.

MPCL’s Green on Wheels initiative is an extension of company’s commitment towards fostering a healthy environment. Towards the end, he reiterated on the importance of our company’s goal towards carbon neutrality and its true reflection through Miyawaki plantation in Islamabad. The project will always remain a landmark green project of CDA and MPCL.

The ceremony ended with the closing remarks of Chairman CDA, Captain (Retired) Muhammad Usman, who appreciated MPCL’s CSR initiatives and the social impact it has created among the society. He applauded MPCL’s history to ensure value for all its stakeholders and its legacy to always stand for the communities in need.

He acknowledged MPCL’s proactive role to deal with challenges related to climate change and reiterated the company’s pro-environmental initiatives as part of Sustainability goals, which other corporate entities must learn and adopt.

In the end, he expressed his gratitude to MPCL for whole-hearted support in largest Miyawaki plantation drive in Islamabad. He assured that the historic collaboration between both organizations to go long way for sustainable development.