Mujahid’s his visit to Turkey hopeful

KABUL (Agencies): The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid, shared details about his recent trip to Turkey, during a press conference Mujahid said “Establishing political coalitions outside the country cannot help Afghanistan,”.
Speaking at the government Media and Information center, Mujahid expressed hope that his visit to Turkey will open a new chapter of ties in terms of aids and investment with Afghanistan.
He said that during his trip, besides many topics, discussions were held with the Turkish authorities in order to address the problems of the Afghan refugees living in that country.
The spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, visiting that country asked the journalists of Turkey to visit Afghanistan in order to present real picture of Afghanistan to the world.
Mujahid had a detailed discussion with Turkey’s Finance Minister about investment in Afghanistan in the sector of Agriculture and Mines.
He said that he had visit four big provinces of Turkey to meet with the industrialists and investors of the country in order to attract their attention to invest in Afghanistan.
According to him, meetings held with the US side on some topics from time to time in Doha, but no major meeting has been decided in the future.
Controlling country’s water resources is the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan responsibilities and will not allowed any harm to it, said Mujahid.
In respects to the recent new political coalitions announced by a number of ex-government officials from outside of the country Mujahid said that these political movements from outside the country cannot cure any pain of Afghanistan and is not in the interest of Afghans.
Some rumors are circulating in the media about demolition of Ahmad Shah Masood’s grave by the forces of the Islamic Emirate which remains just rumors adding its not true no one is allow to disrespect any figures in the country.
Lately, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan spokesperson, along with other officials’ delegation visit Turkey, in this trip the IEA delegation besides participating in the conference of some religious scholars of the Islamic world, with a number of Turkey senior officials including the country’s Finance Minister, businessman and investors.