Muqam says PTI destroyed country’s economy

F.P. Report
SWAT: Adviser to Prime Minister Engineer Amir Muqam has said that gas projects approved before 2018, on which the PTI government had stopped progress, had been resumed. He congratulated the people of the concerned areas. The advisor further said that the major achievements of PTI are theft, destroying the country’s economy and halting the three major projects of Malakand, which include Chakdara Kalam Expressway, Chakdara, Dir, Chitral Expressway and Khwaza Khela Besham Expressway.
Engineer Amir Muqam said that the closure of approved gas projects is also amongst the achievements of PTI.
The advisor further said that PML-N, under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, will bring the country out of all crises.
He said that the problems faced by Pakistan today are the results of Imran’s four years of incompetence.
Adviser to the Prime Minister, Engineer Amir Muqam, expressed these views while addressing public gatherings at various places in Swat, including Taligram, Asir, Alaabad, Dkorak, Gali Bagh, Alamganj, Gashkor, Bandai and Khawaza Khela.