NAB requests records of Nawaz’s addresses, children’s TV interviews

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has requested Director-General (DG) of Directorate Electronic Media and Publications (DEMP) to provide copies of former premier Nawaz Sharif’s speeches and interviews of his sons and daughter which were telecast on private news channels.

NAB has officially written a letter in this regard on Thursday to DEMP and asked them to submit the two Nawaz speeches including one to country and other to the National assembly and also interviews of Hussain, Hasan and Maryam Nawaz to local and international media channels. The list of records required to be submitted by December 26.

The request has been made in regard to the investigation against the former premier and his family pertaining to the Avenfield Properties in London.

Following is the list of records demanded from DEMP,

  1. Interview of Hussain Nawaz with Mr. Hamid Mir in program Capital Talkaired by Geo News on 19-01-2016,
  2. Address to Nation by ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on 05-04-2016,
  3. Address to National Assembly by ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on 16-05-2016,
  4. Interview of Hassan Nawaz Sharif with Tim Sibastian (Tim Sebastian) in program Hard Talkaired on BBC in November 1999,
  5. Interview of Hussain Nawaz Sharif by Javed Chaudhary aired by Express TV on 07-03-2016, (and)
  6. Conversation of Maryam Nawaz with Sana Bucha in program Lekinaired by Geo News/TV on 08-11-2011.