Nation united against terrorism, extremism: Bugti

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfaz Bugti on Wednesday said that the entire nation was united against the menace of terrorism and extremism.

National Coordinator, National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) Inspector General Tahir Ray briefed the minister on his visit to the authority’s headquarter.
The minister reviewing the National Action Plan said that the terrorism would be completely eliminated from the society and Pakistan would be made peaceful country for all. He said Pakistan’s narrative against terrorism and extremism provided complete guideline which needed to be promoted further.

He said NACTA would make effective and workable policy to counter terrorism and the policy would be shared with all other departments for effective coordination. The minister reiterated zero tolerance against terrorism and extremism, adding the law enforcement agencies were taking effective measures to curb the menace from the society.

The government would provide all resources and facilities to law enforcement agencies to counter terrorism; he said adding that the nation paid tributes to the sacrifice of martyrs which would not go in vain. He condemned the recent terrorism activities in the country and said that state would ensure peaceful environment for the people by uprooting terrorism from the country.

The masses if provided peaceful environment could play their role in better way for development of the country, he said adding that the government provide copies of national narrative against terrorism to the educational institutes to sensitize the students in that regard.

The government would counter narrative of terrorist organizations and would grab their space in the national media, he said. The minster further said, no power on the earth could weaken the power of Pakistan as the country came into existence forever.

The government would assist the police to eliminate hideouts of dacoits of Kacha area in Sindh province, he vowed adding that the area alongside river belts would be made secure and peaceful.

The minister lauded the performance of NACTA and showed interest in its revamping. (APP)