‘National Museum needs larger building for major exhibits’

KABUL (TOLOnews): Officials of the National Museum in Kabul said that 50,000 artifacts are in their possession. More than 50 visitors come to the museum daily, most of whom are students. The head of the museum said they are preparing to hold an international exhibition. He also said that a larger building would allow for more items to be on display in Kabul.
“The building for the museum housing the ancient relics is so small, if we had a bigger building we could exhibit more,” said Aynullden Sadaqt, head of the National Museum.
Several visitors said that they came to the museum to know more about history.
“First, I like to visit the museum and second I want to revisit past events because when we see objects it has more of an effect,” said Ezatullah, a visitor. The head of the National Museum said that an international exhibit is being prepared.
“We have plans to create a good relationship with the world and will set up an exhibition with those countries that have an interest in showing the ancient relics from Afghanistan,” said Aynullden Sadaqt, head of the National Museum.
Previously, officials of the National Museum signed an agreement with China in which Beijing pledged to help preserve ancient relics and raise the capacity of Afghan experts.