Ned Price; An excellent story teller; conducts his last press briefing

Jalil Afridi

WASHINGTON: Monday was last press briefing conducted by Ned Price at US State Department. Ned Price mentioned himself that in his first meeting with Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, he was told that he needs to tell the story of America to the rest of the world as a Spokesperson of US State Department.

In a few months of interaction with Ned Price, I found him to be an extremely well read and an excellent story teller. He explained the US point of view in the most selected choice of words and in an articulate manner.

Two of my favorite aspects of Ned Price were that he was an extremely well read of not only the present situations around the world but he had read history as well and he would use excellent metaphors during his briefings to the journalists.

I asked him several times if he was reading some book especially meant for metaphors, but he always said no and he said that they come out natural. In his last briefing he used a metaphor “two feathers of the same bird.”

US State Department Spokesperson is the face of America to the rest of the world and Ned Price kept that face elegant and as transparent as possible.

Ned Price treated foreign journalist with utmost respect during and after the briefings and not a single journalist complained about his attitude. He gave every journalist a chance to ask their question which means American point of view reached their audience.

Although President Biden and Secretary Blinken can be criticized on several fronts during their days in power but Ned Price certainly tried his best to pay the way for clarity and he did it in dignified manner.

I remember the days when former President Trump had models as US State Department Spokesperson and beside good looks they had nothing else to offer on US foreign policy.

I did want to ask Ned Price whether change in Foreign Policy every five years gives a good impression to the US allies around the world, but I guess I will ask him this question some other day at some other place!!!!