Nepal’s Oli and PTI

Yesterday, a Spokesman for Nepali Prime Minister said that the Nepal’s embattled prime minister, K.P. Sharma Oli, will not resign from office, but let parliament decide his fate. The statement came a day after the Supreme Court rejected his decision to dissolve the legislature and call for early elections. After the Court’s verdict of declaring parliament’s dissolution by him as unconstitutional, ordered it to be called into session before March 8. After court’s decision, Prime Minister Oli sorted meeting with his allies in the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) to handle the situation.

The Nepali Prime Minister K. P Oli had dissolved the country’s parliament in December 2020, after several months long tussle with his party co-founder and former Maoist rebel leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal. Earlier, in 2017, United Marxist Leninist (UML) Party led by Pushpa and the Maoist Party  led by K.P Oli agreed to merged the parties under one platform of Nepal Communist Party (NCP). In this way, Pushpa Kamal Dahal helped the Prime Minister Oli to get into power. Later, Communist Party of Nepal got differences between two sections which led to dissolution of the parliament on the hand of Nepali Prime Minister, an act equal to Political suicide.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Oli sorted to consolidate his grip on the Country’s watch dogs institutions such as Intelligence,  fraud investigation, and money laundering investigation agencies by bring them under his direct control, besides tightening the ropes of his colleagues with in the NCP. Others NCP leaders including Pushpa Dahal objected this increasing authoritarianism in the country, which increased the political crisis.

If we mirror the political landscape of Pakistan, one can watch a clear resemblance in the two cases. PTI led government has created a huge gap with other political forces by its intolerant rhetoric in the parliament. The situation reached at such as a level, that no working relationship seems to be happen in remaining two and half year. There are clear differences within the ranks, which led to the hasty cry for open ballot poll in Senate election, aimed at roping own member’s feet from drifting way into opposite camp through secret ballot. Prime Minister’s recent meeting with KP Parliamentarian clearly exposed the real situation. However, the lesson learnt is that Politics is not name of investing in yourselves but keep your flanks abreast with you.