New corps established to improve northeast security

KABUL (TOLO News): Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense on Wednesday announced the creation of a new army corps aimed at improving the fragile security situation in the country’s northeastern regions.

Known as the 217 Pamir Army Corps, the new military establishment will help to secure some key highways in the northeastern parts of the country, military officials said.

“This brigade promoted to the rank of corps in the view of the situations and the circumstances we have in Afghanistan and in the view of the complicated geography we have. People were also facing with major problems and threats on the highways. People were demanding the creation of this,” said Deputy Minister of Defense Hilaluddin Hilal.

Military experts are skeptical about the ability of the corps to help security in the northeastern parts of the country.

“All organizational issues considered for this should be approved because Kunduz is one of the insecure provinces,” said Mohammad Yusuf Ayubi, head of Kunduz Provincial Council.

“They should provide equipment for the corps, soldiers should be provided with sufficient equipment to ensure security in Kunduz,” said Azizullah, a Kunduz resident.

This new development takes place amid recent deadly battles between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban insurgents which gripped several regions in northeast of the country including Kunduz, Takhar, Baghlan, Badakhshan, particulary Badghis province where the security forces are battling Taliban outfits for the past two weeks.

“Terrorists attacked some of outposts in Ab Kamari district in Badghis but they confronted with an intense response by Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, five Taliban terrorists were killed and many of them were wounded,” the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

“We assure to work day and night for bringing peace for Afghan people,” said Nabiullah Mirzayee, the commander of 217 Pamir Army Corps.

Defense officials said the new corps has two brigades.

A corps is basically consisting of six brigades with 24,000 soldiers.