New Ghazni Police Chief Khalil Andarabi has open case at Attorney General’s

KABUL (Ariana News): Khalil Andarabi, the former police chief of Maidan Wardak, having a case of ‘abuse of power’ still open at the Attorney General Office, has been appointed as the new police chief of Ghazni province.

Khalil Andarabi was sentenced to jail in 2017 by the primary court of Center for Criminal Justice on charges of abuse of power, but in a year’s time, he was acquitted by the appeals court in line with the Supreme Court.

Later on, Andarabi was prosecuted again for abuse of power. Now the Attorney General Office says that his case is still open awaiting trial.

Jamshid Rasouli, the Attorney General Spokesperson, said, “After a series of investigations, his case has been forwarded to the security administrations for further investigation and proceedings.”

Khalil Andarabi has just been appointed as the police chief of Ghazni province by the Ministry of Interior Affairs and in confirmation with the presidential palace – his appointment has faced criticism.

Asadullah Nadim, a military expert, said, “This is forced on the MOI from Arg. There were many deserving people in MOD and MoI who were not chosen.”

Some legal experts believe that people charged with criminal cases should not be appointed at such positions.

Wahid Farzaei, a legal expert, said, “From the social aspect, people having big cases should not be appointed as the police chief.”

The Ministry of Interior Affairs has not commented on the matter yet.