New model car designed in Kandahar displayed

KABUL (Agencies): Graduated students from the Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education in Kandahar have designed a new model car, which was shown off in Kandahar.
The provincial head of Technical and Vocational Education, Mawlavi Abdul Wadud Hotak, said that currently there are 300 educational institutions in 34 provinces of the country.
According to him, 300 departments are provided long and short-term education courses for youths in the country.
Hotak said that the administration has started serious work in gathering professional staff and making use of their abilities with the arrival of the Islamic Emirate, adding that hundreds of professional cards have been registered with the department so far.
The designer of the car Jameel Ahmed Qureshi said that the team made Buick 1910 model car by hand without machinery for the first time in Kandahar.