NFLP-Y launching its e-learning portal

F.P. Report

KARACHI: State Bank of Pakistan in collaboration with National Institute of Banking & Finance (NIBAF) is implementing National Financial Literacy Program for Youth (NFLP-Y) to impart essential financial education to Pakistani youth and school going children for strengthening of their money management skills and enhance their understanding of financial matters.

National Financial Literacy Program for Youth (NFLP-Y) is launching Pakistan’s first online financial literacy course which is delivered through an engaging and interactive game. The game targets three age-groups – Children (9-12), Adolescents’ (13-17), and Youth (18-29) and can be accessed through your desktop browser or through a dedicated mobile phone application.

NFLP-Y’s easy-to-use eLearning portal and mobile app delivers its lessons in English and Urdu language through a story-based game format designed to help understand and apply principles of financial literacy. Users follow the story of two entrepreneurial families as they tackle personal, financial, and business decisions. As the player of this game, the aim is to help the families create a successful business. In just a couple of hours, users can master the essentials of saving, budgeting, borrowing, and banking, among many other topics. Interactive questions follow each topic to assess the knowledge of the students. Those users who complete the course are awarded with a Certificate of Financial Literacy.

The game is called ‘POMPAK – Learn to Earn’. It’s free, ready to be used and available at the below addresses:

When closure of educational institutes in Pakistan is affecting studies of thousands of students, NFLP-Y is hoping to positively impact the youth of Pakistan with its eLearning portal. Anyone aged between 9-29 years old can download the game or use the web portal to gain the much needed financial literacy training which will help them take control of their financial matters.