No one knows deep emotions of clowns: Psychiatrists

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Many psychiatrists have observed that many people don’t know the deep emotions behind stand-up comedy of clowns working at various places.

According to them, they had to perform to earn for their families but actually they face psychological issues related to mood, behavior, cognition, and perceptions.

They said that even in harsh weather of summer, they have to perform in warm cartoonic costumes to amuse people for seek of meager amount. “They use to enthrall the people but inside, they are usually saddened for actually what they are doing for which they have to suffer mental issues,” said a psychiatrist Nasir Malik.

But the issue is is no counseling and the concept of consulting psychiatrists by the companies or organization who hired their services to attract visitors,” he said. Malik said that they have right to talk and discuss their problems and get advice to address their issues, adding “How people can understand them and know their feelings while in different costumes.” He said that clowns have always a dark side, their comedy was often derived from their voracious appetites for need of food and other basic necessities. Their talent should be promoted at different art institutions to avoid their mental issues, he stated.        

A clown Hameed Khan said that he had to join this profession as he was the sole earner of his family. He said that their work is to please others but their inner self was actually distressed and miserable.

People oftenley bahave so strangely as they don’t know our inner feelings in clown costume, he said.

Hameed said that clowns are very talented but no one owns them, adding that the art councils should take steps for promotion of their hidden talent.