No Salaam Telecom Service nationwide

KABUL (Tolo News): Salaam Telecom has not been providing services anywhere in Afghanistan since Wednesday 10 am, according to reports. Some reports also say that the outage had a link to the recent trip of a Taliban delegation to China, however, officials of the telecom company have explained the outage as a technical issue with no political reasons.
Officials at the company have said that the company has lost several of its employees in Taliban attacks in the past and has suffered millions of dollars worth of financial losses. Sources said that in the past three months, Salaam Telecom lost 51 towers. In six districts in Herat all the assets that belong to Salaam Telecom have been destroyed. In 8 other districts, including Torghundi and Islam Qala ports, Salaam Telecom has stopped its activities due to the presence of the Taliban.
“We do not have any operations in areas under the control of the Taliban,” said Ashiqullah Alizai, the head of Salaam Telecom Company in Herat. “In areas that are under the control of the Taliban–for instance, in Faryab, in one of the districts, as we know, all assets that belonged to Salaam Telecom were looted, however, in other districts, they are operational,” said Enayatullah Kamal, the governor of Faryab.
According to officials, in provinces like Takhar and Kunduz, Etisalat, Afghan Wireless and MTN telecom services operate only during the day. They cannot operate during the night due to Taliban threats. “In areas where there is fighting, the activities of telecom companies are facing problems, there are also reports of financial losses,” said Saeed Shinwari, a spokesman for ATRA. Based on available figures, over the past few years the Taliban has destroyed dozens of telecommunication towers in different parts of the country, with some reports saying the Taliban has destroyed as many as 308 telecom towers in this time.