Non-availability of teachers lead girl’s college to close

F.P. Report

TANK: The only government girls’ degree college established for the students of Tank and its surroundings, has reached the brink of disaster. BS Urdu four-year program has been closed due to non-availability of female lecturers. The four-year BS program was changed into a two-year associate program, due to which the future of the students enrolled in BS Urdu became dark and they were forced to stay at home.

According to the rules of the higher education department, two courses cannot run simultaneously in any college, but unfortunately, this law of the higher education department is not applicable to the Government Girls Degree College tank because according to the rules, four-year BS program in any subject.

It is mandatory to appoint at least 4 regular lecturers, but in the only per mile educational institution in a backward district like Tank, the BS Urdu program was first converted into a two-year associate degree program to be run by one lecturer due to non-availability of required lecturers. Attempts were made but the only male Urdu lecturer appointed for Associate Degree Program was also transferred from Tank to D.I. Khan and as an alternative, no female lecturer was transferred to the abovementioned college, which made the BS Urdu program.

The students who took admission were forced to sit at home. It should be added that the lecturer of the Botany BS program was replaced by DI Khan. One of the three lecturers of the English program has been replaced by D I Khan, while no female lecturer has been transferred to the college as an alternative, which has put the future of the students at stake and they are forced to think that how can they continue their educational activities in these circumstances.

The civil society will have to mobilize to save the Government Girls Degree College Tank, the only educational institution established for the students of Tank and its suburbs, from destruction because our elected MNAs, MPAs and dozens of elected chairmen and councilors have nothing to do with it, the elected national and provincial representatives have nothing to do with issues other than elections, while the elected local representatives are limited to liaising with the district administration and taking pictures, while due to regional customs.

The college students are unable to come out on the streets for their rights, due to which the college has reached the verge of destruction and sooner or later the magnificent building of the college will remain but there will be no students to study in it, so it is necessary that civil society movement should come and raised voice effectively for the rights of female students.