Not everything on social media true: Akram

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistani skipper Wasim Akram has asked people not to believe everything on social media is true, saying fake news gives rise to hatred and ignites unnecessary controversies.

The Sultan of Swing made a post on Tuesday, asking people not to believe what he described as fake news circulating on social media.

In a post made on X (formerly Twitter), Akram said people need to stop believing everything on social media and how fake news gives rise to hatred. “People need to stop thinking everything on social media is true. The bad is always easier to believe than the good,” he wrote as quoted by

“Fake news, in our part of the world, ignites unnecessary controversies, sparks hate and toughens the rift between us something that both countries do not need any more of Enough is enough!” he said.

Meanwhile, a quote attributed to Akram has been doing the rounds lately, where he has supposedly questioned the performance of Sri Lanka team in the 2023 Asia Cup final, indicating that there might have been some behind-the-scenes ‘arrangement’ that might have happened between India and Sri Lanka to make sure that India wins.

While Akram has not mentioned this, it might likely be possible that his post is in reference to this viral quote.

However, Pakistan was scheduled to start their World Cup campaign in Hyderabad, India against the Netherlands on October 6. (APP)