NTS: An extreme disappointment

Nusrat Bibi

NTS must be named Neutral Testing System instead of National Testing Service. It filters talent and hard work from lethargy and cheating. It decides the fate of an individual and must be planned and conducted in extremely serious manner. But here in our country it is a laughing stock instead.

It has lost its credibility by providing opportunities of cheating to the students. I by myself has taken several times the NTS and found it extremely muddy.

 Factors responsible for devaluing this system are:

1. Non professional staff and the weak and corrupt students.

2.  Our disturbed education system.

3. Induction solely through NTS.

4. increased inflation and poverty.

1. Non Professional staff on duty.

The NTS own staff is missing and they hire the staff of the test centres due to which the contents doesn’t care for the required obligations. Also the staff is less as compared to the number of students. In addition, the staff has their relatives who takes this test for granted and they are talking and cheating and the duty staff are least concerned in keeping the integrity of the test system.

2. Corrupt and Weak students

Our inappropriate education system in private and in government institutions provides sanctuaries to students for cheating. They grow the seeds of corruption in students through selective studies and memorization of the course, instead of conceptual studies and practical work. Also there is no focus on moral grooming but a continued competition of the private schools and colleges to attract more enrolment and non serious attitude and environment of the government institutions too, in which students study less and cheat more.

Similarly our curriculum and teachers both are mismatched and gives no opportunities of reading books and applying their learned knowledge to practical use. Instead we read selective pages to earn marks and pass NTS only. Our education system needs a thorough change though.

3. Induction or employment solely through NTS

Our country has made the NTS the sole system of inductions. If a person is highly educated and intelligent but if the cheaters earn marks through, then certainly an honest man get depressed and discouraged by not finding the right job.

4. Poverty and high inflation rate

The current situation of poverty and inflation in our country has given birth to corruption and malpractice in which every individual use unfair means to earn marks and find job quickly. This is an alarming situation in which we will face serious losses both morally and academically on global level. The government must think over it.