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Only one teacher attends girl’s school out of 11

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LANDI KOTAL: Out of eleven female teaching staff, a single teacher performs her duty in government girls’ high school, Musa Kelley, Loy-Shelman area of sub-division Landi Kotal; district Khyber that has suffered studies of the local girls’ learners.
The lonely teacher said that she teaches one or two subjects till her extent to limited students and the rest of them return without studying, she said. Locals said that the government has established an impressive school building aimed to educate the female community of the remote area but ironically the constant absent teachers have placed their daughters’ future in the dark.
Parents including Taj Wali and Yaseen said that the school building has been erected with expenses of millions however only one teacher regularly joins her duty beside they have convoyed their grievance to the education highup but to in avail. They maintained that the absentee female teachers are so influential that no official is ready to take departmental action against them. “Instead of wasting time in school without studying, we persuade our daughters to stay at home,” they argued.
Earlier, hundreds of female students had enrolled in the institution to get educated nevertheless because of the absence of maximum teachers, they gave up their school going, they said. They further said that on one hand the government claims to raise the female literacy ratio in merged tribal districts on the other hand the ignoring attitude of the education officials have put a question mark on the efficiency of the department.
Presently, there are 125 girls’ students in the primary section while 50 and 06 girls’ learners have been admitted in the middle and high sections of the school respectively. Girls students of 4th and 5th grades said that they frequently come to the school but return to their homes without study as their teachers are absent for a long time.
“Unattainability of teachers has affected their affection towards learning,” they remarked. They demanded of the concerned authorities to have mercy on them and ensure the presence of the teacher staff to save their future.
When the subdivision education officer (female) Miss Dilshad was contacted on the matter she said that Senior English Teacher (SET) has been deployed in the school and in near future posts of Certified Teachers, Drawing Master, Primary Teaching Certificate will be filled. Majority of female staff before assuming charge of their duties utilize approaches and on pretext of far-flung location make their transfers that create a problem of unavailability of teachers in remote areas, she said.

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