Over 18,000 beggars collected from Kabul so far

KABUL (Agencies): The committee for collecting beggars says, 18,257 beggars have been collected from different parts of Kabul city so far.
Among these collected beggars, 10,718 are women, after evaluating the number of 4,256, found eligible and 6,466 found as professional beggars, said a statement by Arg.
Among beggars, there are 5,884 children, of which 2,404 are entitled eligible 3,420 are professional beggars, and 60 are headless children.
In addition to feeding the orphaned children, education is also provided for them.
Meanwhile, the Afghan Red Crescent recently started the process of distributing cash aid to deserving beggars in the city of Kabul, and hundreds of people have benefited from this aid so far.
In this process, 2000 Afghanis are distributed to each member of the beggar families every month.